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Environment and safety

Environmental care, our concern

Transpico Indumove relocates, moves and transports. For that purpose, we use a wide range of machinery and vehicles. All this has an environmental impact, we understand. That’s why we invest heavily in the acquisition of electrical machinery.

That approach delivers double surplus value. The environment profits, but so do you. Indoor projects run smoothly with electrical vehicles. It’s simple, silent and doesn’t contaminate on-site products – extremely important for pharmaceutical or food processing companies.

All trucks used by our team, comply with the strict EURO emission standards. That’s the least we can do.

Of course, we will always be improving our environment-friendly approach, by following up on new developments and technologies.


Safety: our absolute priority

Safety is many-sided when it comes to industrial relocations. Safety for you, our client, and the employees present on-site. Safety for your machinery, so it can arrive on its new location in mint condition. Safety for our people, who give their best for every project and deserve a risk-free work environment.

VCA** Certificates & sector recognition

That’s why safety is key in everything we do. Every employee is VCA certified. Project leaders are all FULL-VCA certified supervisors – an absolute requirement for working with us.

Indumove has been VCA* and ISO 9001-2000 certified since 1997. Apart from that, we are part of the VTT (Vereniging Verticaal Transport) and work out clear studies minimizing potential hazards in the workplace: lifting plans, simulations, customized risk assesments… Transpico has been certified VCA** since 2018. Download here the VCA** certificate for Transpico NV and Transpico Indumove International NV

A culture of improvements

Safety, quality and performance management go hand in hand. We choose an open culture where safety management is improved non-stop. Because you profit from that as well.

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