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Industrial relocations

Industrial relocations, a tailor-made tour de force

Relocating your company, moving machinery or transferring production lines isn’t just an intensive job. Your industrial relocators must combine strength with an eye for detail. Speed with carefulness. Thoroughness with planning and strategy.

In short, your industrial relocation deserves proper attention. You have to be 100% sure your partner in industrial relocations has an extensive knowhow of the field. And owns the equipment to carry out your relocation efficiently and safely.

Industrial relocations, at home and abroad

Our teams have over 100 years of experience in the trade. This experience is put to work, for you. We know the challenges, the risks. We anticipate quickly and flexibly, with innovative equipment and specialized materials.

Where others see problems, we see solutions. That’s our strength. And that makes us the preferred partner for your:

  • Plant relocations
  • External and internal machine handling
  • Relocation of production lines
  • Assembly and disassembly
  • Turnkey projects

Rest assured, Transpico Indumove makes sure your plant or machines are relocated quickly, safely and according to plan, so downtime is always kept to an absolute minimum.

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