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Machine Moving

Machine handling or relocation? Transpico Indumove gets you up and running again in no time

Relocating your machines to that new production hall around the corner – or moving them across the globe?

Whatever machine relocation you’ve got planned, it’s key to have your equipment up and running again as soon as possible. That’s where Transpico Indumove comes in. Our all-in service in industrial relocations and machine handling is top of its class.

  • Loading and unloading of machinery
  • Internal relocations of machines and installations
  • Lifting of machines and objects
  • Transporting machines and installations
  • Assembly and disassembly of machinery

Machine relocation: powerful service for tough jobs

You’ve got a question, we have the answer. It’s as simple as that. Because with Transpico Indumove, you’re putting over a century of experience to work. Moving your machines from a to b ? Or do you prefer an all-out approach including assembly, disassembly, relocation and installation of your systems?

Machine relocations are always versatile. A tailor-made approach is essential.

Our goal = your productivity

Every day of downtime is one day too many. Not losing time is key. But you want your production machinery handled with great care. Our people are constantly developing a service that combines speed, thoroughness and safety.

Our goal, keeping your downtime to an absolute minimum. Making your equipment profitable again, safe and sound on its new location.

Industrial relocation or machine handling? Contact us today!

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