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Energy industry


Transpico Indumove, the essential component of a successful industrial relocation in the energy industry

Your company in the energy industry provides light and power to thousands of families and industries. Something we do not take lightly. When you want to relocate or install your equipment, a tight schedule that doesn’t compromise the activity of your operations is key.

The expansion or relocation of your infrastructure or equipment deserves a thorough approach. At Transpico Indumove, we’re fully aware of that. That’s why we guarantee a detailed preparation and correct execution of your assignment.

Safety is the cornerstone of our service. Our strategic approach and perfectly equipped machine park goes to show.

Industrial relocation energy industry: equipped for every challenge

Do you want to move or relocate your equipment? Rely on specialized experts that know how to handle your machinery.

Transpico Indumove relocates and moves:

  • Electrical signage
  • Gas turbines
  • Generators

In the renewable energy industry, we assist with the construction of offshore substations. We install equipment such as transformers, generators and electrical panels on the most inaccessible locations. Our team is involved in several projects both domestic and abroad.

Inject extra energy into your industrial relocation, contact Transpico Indumove to discuss your project.

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