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Chemical industry


Chemical industry and Transpico Indumove. Now, that’s chemistry!

The chemical industry is a vibrant industry, bursting of innovation and limitless possibilities. However, predictability and risk management are essential. Because the possibilities may be divers, so are the risks.

When you are relocating or handling your equipment, you will want to work with a partner that has safety in his DNA. Every detail must be taken into account. Every risk needs to be predicted and prevented. Your safety and that of your employees depends on it.

We provide you with experienced professionals, operating innovative equipment at every time, so every movement becomes predictable.

Risk-free relocations in chemical industry

All your equipment is handled with great care, without compromising when it comes to efficiency. We have great experience in assembling, dismantling and relocating pressure barrels, reactors, pumps, heat exchangers and other machinery. Even in the most challenging situations. Do you need your equipment to be relocated internationally? You can count on us.

Industrial relocations for the chemical industry? Contact us now!

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