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Construction Phase 3 SME park Kapittel in full swing.

Large, light space for our equipment, a well-equipped garage and secured, conditioned temporary storage will contribute to an even greater customer satisfaction.

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Video: Belgian Boat Show & Transpico Indumove celebrate 30 years of collaboration

For 30 years, from the first edition of the Belgian Boat Show at Flanders Expo Gent, our team is responsible for the placement of all boats at the Belgian Boat show.

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How do you put car wrecks on the third floor of a luxury hotel? With Transpico Indumove, of course!

For an event, Transpico Indumove hoisted two car wrecks in through a window on the 3rd floor in a hotel in the center of Antwerp, Belgium.

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Transpico Indumove welcomes indoor crane of 60T

This 60 tonne crane joins our crane park consisting of cranes from 4.5 to 33T.

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Transpico en Indumove join forces.

Transpico, the Belgian market leader in the field of industrial removals and Indumove, the Dutch trendsetter in this sector, join forces. Like this, they want to further strengthen their position both on local and international markets. Both company names remain in use and together they form Transpico Indumove International.

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Moving machines for automotive: this is how our teams move blow molding and injection molding machines.

For a supplier in the automotive sector, we moved blow molding and injection molding machines.

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