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Installation aquarium window Antwerp Zoo

Exceptionally complex relocation projects? They make our team achieve their true potential. Just like that time we installed an exceptionally heavy, large and delicate aquarium window in the Antwerp Zoo.  

It wasn’t your everyday assignment. A large, curved window would become part of the brand-new aquarium. That window had to be brought in through a narrow opening in the wall. And of course, it had to be meticulously installed in the provided frame.

Small detail: there was only two centimeters of maneuvering space. And no attachment points. Oh, and the window weighed about 5 tons. But for our clients, we go the extra mile.

Planning and coordination

The unique window was constructed in the US. Transport had to take place at night, due to the exceptional measurements.

This project was essential to the modernization of the Antwerp Zoo. Failing was not an option. Manipulating the extremely fragile acrylic glass was risky, so accurate planning and coordination between all parties involved was essential.

Flexibility, our second nature

Our teams consulted with the manufacturer, the city of Antwerp and the Zoo extensively. Last minute delays were to be expected. Due to unforeseen circumstances, the delivery could only take place 3 weeks later. Luckily, flexibility is one of our strengths.

One more small detail: due to the delay, there was to be even less maneuvering space than initially communicated. The construction of the other parts of the aquarium went on in the meantime.


When the truck carrying the window arrived, we went to work. Two cranes vertically tilted the object and maneuvered it through the hole in the wall. Inside, a hydraulic portal bridge took over, carefully rolling it further inwards.

We built a new portal bridge, perpendicular to the first one. That way, the window could be placed onto the provided frame, one inch at a time. A perfect installation was essential. The aquarium couldn’t be finished if the window wasn’t 100% correctly placed.


All’s well that ends well

This probably doesn’t come as a surprise, but our team delivered with flying colors. The window was installed perfectly. The contractor was able to further perfect the aquarium. And the opening went exactly as planned.

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