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Relocation of automotive equipment: relocation blow molding machine and injection molding machine

For a client in the automotive industry, we relocated a blow molding and injection molding machine of over 14 meters long, weighing 50.000 kilo’s.

Even though the equipment had to be relocated on-site from one hall to another, it remained a challenge. The installation consisted of platforms that were enclosed by other work stations, making removal even more complex.

Relocation automotive

Strategy and a thorough approach are the starting point of any relocation. That’s why we developed a plan that had the right solution for every challenge:

  • The subsurface contained a gas pipe and was covered with panels to spread the pressure, in close contact with Fluxys, the gas transmission operator.
  • The platform was lifted with a hydraulic portal bridge on rails.
  • It was transported on these rails, over the existing work posts, towards the hallway.
  • From here on out, it was placed on a radio transmitted robot and transported.
  • Outside, one of our pick and carry cranes and a telescopic crane took over and lifted the equipment onto a truck.

The machine relocation

This machine relocation was part of a turnkey project, where we executed the displacement itself as well as:

  • The connection and disconnection of water pipes, hydraulics, electricity and pneumatics.
  • The relocation of all peripherals such as tanks, robots, transporting systems and a complete material center.
  • The request of all permits and documents.

The client was utterly pleased with the results. 4 other similar installations were safely brought to their destination by our team.

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