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Relocation Weingarten press

For a well-known truck parts producer, we carried out the disassembly and loading of an enormous Weingarten press. Weight: around 200.000 kilograms, with a top that had to be disassembled separately – weight: 85.000 kilograms.


First, the top – weighing 85 tons on its own – had to be safely lifted of its anchors. For this part, we used a hydraulic portal bridge, perfectly fit for jobs with limited height above the machine, as was the case here.

First step: the disassembly of the pull rod bolts. This way, we were able to lift the top carefully, approximately eight meters above ground. With a lateral sliding movement, we lowered the package in an orderly fashion

Extra challenge

The top had to be tilted for transportation reasons. With an overhead crane and a telescopic crane, it was lifted in the right position, so our people were able to lower it on the low loader for further transport.

With the top safely removed, the telescopic crane and overhead crane were free to lift the support columns onto the trucks. Our service in exceptional transport finished the job

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