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Turnkey relocation in production facility pharmaceutical industry

When moving in a production environment, hygiene is key. The Transpico Indumove teams have a longstanding reputation when it comes to industrial relocations for pharmaceutical companies. We execute your assignment with great care and the utmost respect for the strictest hygiene standards.

Our company has great experience in relocations in cleanroom environments. Countless pharmaceutical companies rely on us for their relocation assignments and equipment transportation.


Transpico Indumove received the request to internally relocate the production line of a well-known pharmaceutical brand.

A turnkey project, because the production line was operational before we started and had to be fully operational after the job. Our people developed a strategic approach and delivered a full-service, from measuring the initial state of the equipment to IO-checks at completion.

The assignment

All components were disconnected, both electrically and mechanically. The different components were brought to their new destination.

The whole project was carried out wearing adapted, hygienical outfits. Did you know that we have a specially reserved machine park for relocations in a pharmaceutical environment? It’s made from stainless steel and is solely used to this purpose.


When assembling the production line, the instructions of the client were meticulously followed. Once everything was in place, we carried out an extensive IO-check.

The production process was operational again, keeping downtime to an absolute minimum. Transpico Indumove once again confirmed its reputation of go-to partner for pharmaceutical industrial relocations.

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